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Born Again - Leaving Vipassana (India Time Travel Blog)

The day I left Vipassana was very intense, everything was overwhelming. I wanted to feel everything and I did, my senses had been heightened, and being in India where everything is already an overload it was AMAZING, like I’d been born again.

Talking to people again was strange, I wanted to hear every word and I was desperate to talk to all my friends back home and that was interesting. My awareness had become everything, I’d gone from someone who couldn’t stop talking to someone who didn’t quite know what to say. Hearing the same words hit me differently now. I’d gone from extrovert to introvert and I was shocked at this revelation.

A couple of the girls and I headed into an Ashram to have a look around and I was on the verge of signing up and living out the rest of my days devoted to the teachings of India, they even had a university there and luckily the girls took me away and to the Yoga capital, Rishikesh.

That first night out is kind of the start of a very long story and this is what India does, there is a magic there. It’s not just about the music, the food, the fabrics the vastness of wilderness, it’s much, much deeper than all that.

So that night we check into a hostel in Rishikesh, me and one of the girls and we get into our room we are sharing with two Indian guys from Delhi. My room mate wanted to sleep but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t I was buzzing of life, so I let her sleep. The two Indian guys offered to take me in their car looking for elephants, now most sensible people would have said no, and I don’t recommend people to do this but I felt I had to. So, in this car I go, we drive around looking for elephants and tigers, obviously we didn’t find any.

We drove back to the hostel and sat on the roof top and we got into a conversation about Astrology, this guy told me I was going to get married and have a family and it would all happen very quickly, he also mentioned a few other details. I said so you’re telling me I’m going to marry an Indian guy, I laughed, I was like you got the wrong girl, I really thought this guy was having a joke with me so went on to bed.

The following days I spent there were amazing and very emotional, I spent hours wondering around, lost, lost in my mind to what of earth was happening to me in India. I was feeling a mess, like reality had just hit me in the face. I spent many hours sitting by the river experiencing emotions in a new way. The overthinking was creeping back in.

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