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Pregnant In India.

Having a baby in India obviously wasn’t a part of the plan but it for sure was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Turns out, pregnancy is not for me. 9 months of feeling sick, throwing up in ally ways, on the beach and pretty much everywhere I went for the duration was horrific. Not to mention the heart burn, insomnia, the tingly leg thing and all in the blazing 40-degree heat. Food was also a no go for me it was like I had food aversions and the only real craving I had in the last month was ice cubes, when I tell you I couldn’t freeze them quick enough and my husband caught me in the freezer in the middle of the night crunching on them it was a little insane.  


I hated it to be completely honest but that being said the only thing I cared about was my baby. After all the usual research I realized how imported the yoga and meditation I had been doing was in that time. Not only is yoga great for maintaining physical strength needed for childbirth it reduces stress, calms the nervous system and have a positive effect of the child. Children that are born to mothers that are highly stressed can have ADHD and these sorts of things. Most people are totally unaware of how our mind and body are connected. For example, when we have anxiety, we put a lot of pressure on our nervous system causing a whole load of problems down the line. Being aware of this my only focus was to be as relaxed as possible listening to the baby music, talking positive affirmations to bump and pre-natal yoga. I would take daily walks along the beach but most of the time I’d be in bed Netflix on and feeling a whole lot of sorry for myself. Sounds like a dream but for someone who is hardly sick and is super active these 9 months took a real hold on my mental health.


After months of reading up about hypno-birthing I wanted nothing more than a homebirth, apparently to my surprise it’s not a common or done thing now days neither is natural birthing. I found out on this little journey that most woman now get booked into C-section, my opinion on why is because of the history of infant death rate. So not being able to find a midwife and told by the family it’s not going to happen the hospital was the only way. The first hospital was an amazing facility with the latest gear, I went in for a scan at £100 a time and told to come in a month later. A month later and all these tests costing yet more money, I got told that my child might have Down Syndrome. This is a cruel thing to tell someone, just so they could milk more money out of me. It was at that moment that I decided to change hospitals. It wasn’t a government hospital but it wasn’t much better, and had I know how it was going to be I probably wouldn’t have done it.


To be continued…

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