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English girl gives birth in India - My birth story.

Updated: Jul 1

It was just past midnight when I felt it, this was it this baby was coming.

That first contraction was pretty bad and my thoughts were oh damn if it’s bad now how bad can it get, I tried my hardest to come out of that thinking. Got back in bed and obviously could not sleep, just counting the minutes and hours that were passing me. They were far apart like an hour or so, the night soon turned into morning and they were still like an hour apart so the day carried on with me having zero idea how much my life would change within the next 24 hours.


5pm came along so not much change but we all thought it was time to get to the hospital, the last thing I wanted was a rush in the middle of the night. So, in true Indian style me and the Mother in Law rode in a TukTuk to the hospital.


They checked me in and gave us a twin room, I still had no real idea what was going on because the language situation I only ever got half the information but by this point I didn’t care I was more than over it and just wanted to get it over with. I actually thought the room was fair and attempted getting cozy in the bed, it didn’t last long.


The nurse came and got me and took me into another room and this was where I realized the mistake of downgrading hospital. (Unfortunately, I have no actual photo from this room but I will show something similar just for effect.) This is where it just started going downhill, she checked me and it was around 7pm and she told me I was 2cm.  I couldn’t believe it how it’s been going on for so many hours and that was it.  After that I went back into the room and for some reason, I was hiding myself in the bathroom on the floor. More hours went by and then it must have been around 10pm they checked again and nothing had changed, so the nurse started poking around and honestly that’s when the pain really started. There was no gas and air, no mod cons, no nice birthing pool it was raw. They wouldn’t even give me water quote ‘You won’t get anything until you’ve pushed this baby out’ but they did after begging for something give me… Paracetamol.


So now I they moved me into this birthing room or surgical room or whatever you want to call it and my mother-in-law had to stay in the twin room. They told me they were going to induce me and had to break my waters. Honestly the pain was too much after that, I started getting rude to the nurse screaming not to touch me, I was really freaking out uncontrollably. This is when I started begging for an epidural and the woman had no idea what I was talking about, so I then started begging them to cut him out. At this point I did not know how to continue I was exhausted and the pain it was horrific. I was however doing my breathing, one of the nurses was shocked. I was like I’m pretty sure it’s you who should be explaining this to me not the other way around.


After a few more hours of this torture, I was on all 4’s on this table and it was time now and she wouldn’t let me stay like that,  my legs were hoisted up like in the movies. I went blank after that to be honest the pain hit me so hard and the next thing, I saw these two little nuts dangling and saw for the first time I had a son. That moment was everything.


They took him away from me and it was weird a part of me was finished completely obviously I couldn’t move and they had to stitch me up and all that but also that feeling of they’ve taken him and wanting to protect him was insane.


Eventually we went back to the twin room, a beautiful healthy baby boy the start of our adventures. They kept us all in there for 5 days. Mother-in-law driving me up the wall but I’ll never forget the love she showed and still does to this day. I definitely didn’t appreciate it at the time but I wouldn’t have managed without her.  



I’ve never had a normal life, there has always just been that extra way that I have and in the moment it’s just that, but looking back I realized how crazy it actually was. Wouldn’t change the experience and the blessing for the world.

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What blessing and beautiful birth story! You are a warrior!

Replying to

Thank you much appreciated <3

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